Apple Watch Series 3

Functions: Mode: Multisport | GPS | Optical heart rate sensor | Waterproof to 50 m | Smartwatch functions | LTE | Apple Pay

Stop what the Apple Watch 3 – Yes, this smartwatch may seem odd among sports watches, but it looks poor with other gadgets. Third-party apps such as Strava, make it a super sports watch, it has built a multi-sports tracker, and is the perfect companion for training.

Using Wi-Fi signals around you, the Apple Watch 3 shall immediately set the GPS, so not worth the wait in the cold start. Sync playlists Apple Music ridiculously easy, and you can pay for a drink of Apple Pay when you’re done training. Moreover, the addition of LTE means streaming listening on-the-go and even call.

Although you will want to choose a third-party heart rate sensor, built-in but also well suited for training. It is far from perfect, but still able to provide useful data, to train in the zones and to receive feedback on the HIIT sessions.

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