ASUS showed VivoWatch SP – rival Apple Watch

ASUS has released a new smartwatch VivoWatch SP, which will replace not only a fitness trainer but also partly a doctor. This is a direct competitor to the Apple Watch, but only in terms of hardware – this watch does not have its own operating system.

But VivoWatch SP can take an ECG, track blood pressure and oxygen saturation, which is useful for both athletes and elderly people who want to monitor their health with the help of modern gadgets. In addition, VivoWatch SP has GPS for distance monitoring, a calorie counter, heart rate sensor, and altimeter. In the presence of activity tracking, so with a long stay on the couch, the watch will begin to vibrate reproachfully.

You can swim with the watch thanks to protection from water, and their battery will provide up to 14 days of battery life. The VivoWatch SP screen is almost round – the lower part is cut off, and the ASUS logo flaunts there. The case is made of metal, the straps are 22 mm, and they can theoretically be changed. The start of sales of VivoWatch SP is scheduled for the fall of this year, but their cost is still unknown.

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