Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition Fitness Bracelet

The fitness tracker Honor Band 5 has a new modification. Today, the brand introduced the Band 5 Basketball Edition bracelet, oriented, as the name implies, to basketball fans.

In this case, the modification is really different in its capabilities, and not just in design. This version of the bracelet received 10 new functions for tracking various activity indicators related to basketball.

In particular, Band 5 Basketball Edition can determine the number of vertical jumps, the height of these jumps, the speed of movement, the time of training, the distance traveled during the training, the number of steps, and so on. In addition, at the end of the training, the software will provide advanced statistics.

In addition to new features, this version of the bracelet is also distinguished by special straps made of recycled fiber. The price of the novelty is 18 dollars.

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