How to choose a sports watch?

A productive workout is impossible without taking into account their individual performance, to help professional athletes and sports lovers come to watch. They combine many functions, the main of them is the pedometer, heart rate monitor and GPS tracker, some models use a tonometer.

Smartwatches sync with your smartphone and transmit data about exercise and any other physical activity. They keep track of distance traveled per day distance and spent calories constantly measure the pulse and let you know when the heartbeat is higher than normal, can completely replace the smartphone at the time of the training — allow you to take calls and reply to messages.

One of the features of modern models of sports watches is to analyze the dream, it helps to appreciate the quality of rest and recovery.

The criteria for choosing sports watches

The ability to measure heart rate, help keep you in the right pulse zone, which is important for workouts to lose weight and increase stamina, as well as people with cardiovascular diseases in which the heart rate increases at rest.

The presence of the pedometer, it is necessary for any training associated with walking or running determines not only the number of steps but their average length.

The presence of a calorie counter, advanced models calculate the energy spent on the activity and at rest.

The GPS tracker allows you to build routes and tells you where to turn on the sweating route. The feature is useful not only for training but also for travel.

The capacity of the battery determines how many hours can you work on a single charge. The more functions the device supports, the more powerful must be its battery.

The reliability of the coating, the clock for the sport should be resistant to shocks, for those who need specialized swimming waterproof watch, for those who train outside, will be enough hours water-resistant in case of rain.

Design, the external design does not affect the functionality of the device, but a wide variety of models allows taking into account even taste preferences, matching the style of the person.

The efficiency of use depends on how well the owner has reviewed the manual. Many models assume the operation of the General rules, but there are special cases. All models of sports watch to be worn on the left hand, the watch should fit snugly to the wrist, it is necessary to determine the correct pulse. Before first use you must enter some data manually to determine the calorie consumption of the device, you must know the weight, height, and age of the owner, the level of activity and other parameters.

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