TomTom Adventurer

Functions: Mode: Multisport | GPS | Optical heart rate sensor | Direction route | Water Resistant to 50 m

TomTom Adventurer

Thanks to a special tracking mode (along with road running, Hiking, skiing, and outdoor workouts), TomTom Adventurer – a great option for those who like to run the beaten track.

The altitude and the climbs are tracked in the trails, and you can get access to a living compass which is great when you are on open spaces in either direction.

But the most useful is the ability to add and follow the GPS tracks, which can help you to get into the wild without being lost. Just build a route using a service, such as Strava, then upload it via the TomTom app Sports on your PC or Mac. Then follow along the lines so you don’t get lost. A great reason to create cool routes and get pleasure from rapid training.

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