bookmark_borderPolar M430

Functions: GPS | Optical heart rate sensor | Race planning

While the V800 can be dad sports watch by Polar, the M430 is a versatile alternative that is a little bit like a child.

The natural successor to the excellent M400, M430 belongs to the same series, adding a heart rate monitor, which is significantly improved in performance since the last update.

You can expect all the usual Polar chips, including new training opportunities that will help you better understand how valuable was your current session. It also includes Polar Running Index and Running Programs to help you make plans for the races and see how your work evolves over time.

Polar also sought to improve our performance, and when training indoors, adding improved motion sensor accelerometer to provide more accurate tracking of the treadmill. If you care about the accuracy, reliability, and decent battery life, the M430 will cover these needs.

bookmark_borderApple Watch Series 3

Functions: Mode: Multisport | GPS | Optical heart rate sensor | Waterproof to 50 m | Smartwatch functions | LTE | Apple Pay

Stop what the Apple Watch 3 – Yes, this smartwatch may seem odd among sports watches, but it looks poor with other gadgets. Third-party apps such as Strava, make it a super sports watch, it has built a multi-sports tracker, and is the perfect companion for training.

Using Wi-Fi signals around you, the Apple Watch 3 shall immediately set the GPS, so not worth the wait in the cold start. Sync playlists Apple Music ridiculously easy, and you can pay for a drink of Apple Pay when you’re done training. Moreover, the addition of LTE means streaming listening on-the-go and even call.

Although you will want to choose a third-party heart rate sensor, built-in but also well suited for training. It is far from perfect, but still able to provide useful data, to train in the zones and to receive feedback on the HIIT sessions.

bookmark_borderSuunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

Functions: Mode: Multisport | GPS | Optical heart rate sensor | water-Resistant to 50 m

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR smaller, thinner than previous models of the Finnish company. But they are still strong, in sports mode monitor, has an optical heart rate sensor, water-resistant, and can boast decent battery life.

But the price that attracts. Watch for runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, and people who like to run outdoors every competitor group in which not every manufacturer does so many functions at this price.

It’s certainly not filigreed diamond-like Garmin Fenix 5S with the same size, but for this price, much is forgiven.

bookmark_borderTomTom Adventurer

Functions: Mode: Multisport | GPS | Optical heart rate sensor | Direction route | Water Resistant to 50 m

TomTom Adventurer

Thanks to a special tracking mode (along with road running, Hiking, skiing, and outdoor workouts), TomTom Adventurer – a great option for those who like to run the beaten track.

The altitude and the climbs are tracked in the trails, and you can get access to a living compass which is great when you are on open spaces in either direction.

But the most useful is the ability to add and follow the GPS tracks, which can help you to get into the wild without being lost. Just build a route using a service, such as Strava, then upload it via the TomTom app Sports on your PC or Mac. Then follow along the lines so you don’t get lost. A great reason to create cool routes and get pleasure from rapid training.

bookmark_borderGarmin Fenix 5

Functions: Mode: Multisport | GPS | Optical sensor heart rate | VO2 Max | Garmin Connect IQ | Smartwatch notifications | water-resistant to 50 m

Fenix 5 combines the more feminine 5S and clumsy Fenix Fenix 5X, but still, he is on top, with built-in classic sporting functions with the addition of more new.

In addition to the standard morass of information we’ve come to expect from Garmin products – and their watch is really friendly with all metric data, they also have the ability to display the training effect and results after each training session, recommendations in the rest periods, obtaining the status of training (whether your achievements improvement, maintenance or reduction) and of course monitoring of heart rhythm, recorded for the day and week. He also inherited the tracking function of stress and the counting of repetitions from a fitness tracker Vivosmart 3 to monitor a number of elements of your health and fitness regime.

It also has a built-in optical heart rate sensor, which is not necessarily ideal for more detailed information, please connect with a chest strap, for more reliable readings of heart rate in training.

The list of monitored sports is staggering, and if you find its size too great for yourself, try Fenix 5S, they are more subtle but no less interesting.