What are the features of the Apple Watch Series 5

The most anticipated update is increased battery capacity. Users will conduct full sleep monitoring without worrying about charging a smart bracelet.

Among the interesting features stood out:

  • An opportunity to see, feel and hear the time. The watch sends a tactile or sound signal with the beginning of a new hour.
  • Apple Watch 5 helps you recognize music with Siri and Shazam. It is enough to ask Siri what kind of song is playing and in a couple of seconds, you will see the answer.
  • The addition of the function “Trends inactivity” to enhance and maintain motivation. The watch shows how you are progressing in fitness.

Buy Apple Watch Series 5 is offered in a case made of ceramic or titanium. For active athletes, titanium performance is recommended. The ceramic case looks elegant and is more suitable for users who buy watches to monitor daily activities, free time and health.

The functions of the new products coincided with the predictions of analysts. Apple developers are constantly working on devices to make gadgets pleasing to owners every day.

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